I find this topic to be a real interesting one.  Biophilia according to Sue Thomas, is the innate attraction to life and lifelike processes. So adding tech makes it a processes through cyberspace. According to Thomas it is as they appear in technology. I think using this method is very smart, as in it can make people feel at ease. If i visited a page, and the background was flowers, I am more likely to stick around and look. This process can be a great idea for our project. Using real life things can help us to make people at ease about our topics, causing them to actually want to read. In class, we viewed websites of unaccredited sources. These websites made us feel unease, and doubtful of the topic at hand. We were not able to trust it.If they would have used a more subtle background it would have been less bothersome. In the readings, they talked about how the doors at a hotel they were staying at had images on the room doors. The author suggest it is to make it more memorable. I agree using images of nature, and other sorts does make it easier to remember. I think that using that for our projects would make our topic/information easier to remember if we included real life images. It is important to use these real-life things or the concept of technobiophilia to help people understand #metaliteracy. It would surely make it easier.


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