Digital Storytelling Part 1

What I’ve come to understand about digital storytelling is that it’s another form of getting your point of view across.  It can be used to tell information about important topics such as public figures in history as seen on the links provided to face book. It is a unique idea to use face book or twitter to provide people with knowledge. In the twitter example, they posted a twitter page to someone named Revolution Daily. For what it looks like, it is a twitter page, which tells us one fact a day of an important event in revolutionary history. The person who created this had the mind set, that everyone has some understand of #metaliteracy . In order to have access to any of these accounts you must know first know how to find this information, if it is what you desire to look at. These people created it with the intention of sharing a topic that they find interesting, hence digital storytelling.  A lot of people I know use twitter and facebook, and every day they post a little about their lives, events, or anything. They even sometimes post pictures or videos to give people actual visuals.  In our class, we are making websites to give people information, visual aids on different topics. My group and I have news and media. We want to share knowledge that we collected and gathered, in our own form of digital storytelling and metaliteracy. 


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