I find this topic to be a real interesting one.  Biophilia according to Sue Thomas, is the innate attraction to life and lifelike processes. So adding tech makes it a processes through cyberspace. According to Thomas it is as they appear in technology. I think using this method is very smart, as in it can make people feel at ease. If i visited a page, and the background was flowers, I am more likely to stick around and look. This process can be a great idea for our project. Using real life things can help us to make people at ease about our topics, causing them to actually want to read. In class, we viewed websites of unaccredited sources. These websites made us feel unease, and doubtful of the topic at hand. We were not able to trust it.If they would have used a more subtle background it would have been less bothersome. In the readings, they talked about how the doors at a hotel they were staying at had images on the room doors. The author suggest it is to make it more memorable. I agree using images of nature, and other sorts does make it easier to remember. I think that using that for our projects would make our topic/information easier to remember if we included real life images. It is important to use these real-life things or the concept of technobiophilia to help people understand #metaliteracy. It would surely make it easier.


Digital Storytelling Part 1

What I’ve come to understand about digital storytelling is that it’s another form of getting your point of view across.  It can be used to tell information about important topics such as public figures in history as seen on the links provided to face book. It is a unique idea to use face book or twitter to provide people with knowledge. In the twitter example, they posted a twitter page to someone named Revolution Daily. For what it looks like, it is a twitter page, which tells us one fact a day of an important event in revolutionary history. The person who created this had the mind set, that everyone has some understand of #metaliteracy . In order to have access to any of these accounts you must know first know how to find this information, if it is what you desire to look at. These people created it with the intention of sharing a topic that they find interesting, hence digital storytelling.  A lot of people I know use twitter and facebook, and every day they post a little about their lives, events, or anything. They even sometimes post pictures or videos to give people actual visuals.  In our class, we are making websites to give people information, visual aids on different topics. My group and I have news and media. We want to share knowledge that we collected and gathered, in our own form of digital storytelling and metaliteracy. 

News and Media

There are many arguments to why democratization of social media allows for more participation and interactions related to the news. Everyday millions of people are on twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. Although there are many pros and cons to this, here are two for each argument. Two pros are one; you are able to voice your opinions on any news topic, which allows others with the same opinions to interact together. The second pro is you can get all sides of a news story, which is trying to be covered up.  Like the book I found today discussed how the media gives the public the half-truth of news stories.  For example Howard Rheingold gives us the benefits of twitter as a social media. He states that twitter can be used to channel multiple publics. Like I said before to allow those who have similar opinions to view what you have to say. He says twitter has variety, and can be used for almost anything including news, and politics.  Last week in class, we had to research about our topic, I can use twitter to communicate that I need to find books on my topic, or get insight about how media distorts news as well. Two cons are your opinions can create conflict. Being able to post what you like on social media, can often offend people, as well, as start trouble. Everyone one has different opinions on issues. Another con is not everyone is good with computers. So if you are using social media to voice your opinion, you may be missing out on an important part of the community. Using social media adequately is not something everyone knows how to do. Like Rheingold states his class of journalist did not know how to find journalist to follow, so he had to help them himself. Like John Delano said social media environment has transformed news media. I think it is important for people to get a sense of #metaliteracy  in order to participate more, and interact in news. 

What metaliteracy means to me

What #metaliteracy means to me is, that it is a way to adequately communicated on social media. It allows you to be part of several online communities. It lets you learn new technology to be part of the modern world. What I hope to get out of this course is to learn new effective ways to get my points across in social media, and be able to use search engines to do so. I want to be able to have“meaningful connections to related literacies, such as visual literacy, digital literacy, news literacy, and transliteracy.” This can help me in school and beyond, in being more versatile, if I ever get a job that I need to get involved in an online community. As well, as do research to better my job skills.